Who we were

Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region – Lead partner (ITALY)

Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region is one of the 20 Italian regions located in the North East of Italy at border with Slovenia and Austria. The Regional Department for Culture, Sport and Solidarity, ChIMERA lead partner, is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the regional cultural heritage as well as the promotion of cultural activities. Its participation in ChIMERA project aims at boosting the growth of regional Creative and Cultural Industries by supporting them in their fields of action.

Web site: http://www.regione.fvg.it



Basilicata Region (ITALY)

Basilicata Region is one of the 20 Italian Regions located in South Italy. The Managing Authority ERDF operational programme, ChIMERA partner, supports that economic sectors with high potential of development, like the Creative and Cultural Industries, considered a driving for the regional economy as whole. The Managing Authority will work in partnership with Sviluppo Basilicata s.p.a, in-house company of Basilicata Region, specialized in orientation, promotion, and business culture, which manages a business incubator for cultural and creative industries in Matera.

Website: http://www.pofesr.basilicata.it/



Creative Apulia Cluster Association (ITALY)

Puglia Creativa is a Cluster Association recognized by Apulia Region in 2012. It represents more than 130 cultural and creative enterprises in fields like performing arts, cultural industries, creative industries, heritage, creative driven based in Apulia. Its network includes universities, public and private institutions, trade associations and regional trade unions. It aims to give a single voice to the fragmented micro cosmos of the regional CCIs supporting them in future challenges and playing a role in the interaction between the policy level and CCIs.

Website: http://www.pugliacreativa.it/



Technology Park Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)

The Technology Park in Lubljana is the largest technology park in South-East of Europe. It co-creates and implements internationally recognized, tailored and highly efficient strategies, programs and services to increase regional innovation capacity and supports the member companies. The aim is to connect technology and knowledge providers in a common market, implement development projects and support their global expansion.

Website: http://www.tp-lj.si/en



Promalaga Local Company of Initiatives and Activities of Malaga S.A (SPAIN)

Promalaga is an agency of Malaga City (Spain) whose main function is the development and the promotion of economic and social activities contributing to the growth of the city of Malaga and its surrounding area. The agency supports the consolidation of companies that provide products services of high value added as Creative and Cultural Industries, a key factor for growth and sustainability of the whole regional economy.

Website: https://www.promalaga.es/



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa (SPAIN)

Terrassa is located 30 Km from Barcelona in its industrial surrounding area. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the most important chambers of Catalonia in terms of population and economic weight. Its aims are to represent the interests of Terrassa’s area business community, to promote development in Terrassa’s economic area and to provide business support services. In ChIMERA Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa has an associated partner, the Audiovisual Parc of Catalonia (PAC), in which Audiovisual Cluster and Cinema filming studios are located. Last but not least, in Terrassa there are many creative sector higher education institutions, whose efficacy contributes to the development and sustainability of the local CCIs sector.

Website: http://www.cambraterrassa.es/


The University of Algarve (PORTUGAL)

The University of Algarve (UAlg) is a public higher education institution, located in the Southern region of Portugal, the most touristic area of the country. UAlg has more than 7000 students and its main fields of teaching and research are Sea, Health, Food and Well-Being, Arts and Heritage and Tourism. The department of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer of the University of Algarve (CRIA), ChIMERA partner, aims at supporting the development of advanced business ideas and inventions, born at the university and migrating to the market.

Website: https://www.ualg.pt/pt


Region of Sterea Ellada (GREECE)

Region of Sterea Ellada in Central Greece is characterized by a rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The region hosts many monuments listed on UNESCO's WHS, like the archaeological site of Delphi and the Osios Loukas monastery. In this context, the Region boasts a deep experience and expertise in designing strategies, adopting practices and carrying out development activities for protecting and enhancing the local cultural heritage through the support of CCIs.


French Riviera Chamber of Commerce, Nice (FRANCE)

French Riviera Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a territorial chamber that manages the major infrastructures required for the development and the attractiveness of the Côte d’Azur. It is located on French Riviera, a region characterized by a young and international population, highly-skilled and talented workforce, an excellent infrastructure and a thriving IT cluster, recognised worldwide. It bets on a strong local Audio Visual Ecosystem, in order to develop a clear and attractive image of the French Riviera and to respond to the needs of enterprises, freelancers, civil society and public authorities, by strengthening their cooperation.

Web site: http://www.cote-azur.cci.fr/


University Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice (FRANCE)

The University Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS) is a multi-disciplinary University, located in the surroundings of Nice and linked to other Universities of Cote d’Azur. Each year it welcomes over 25,000 students and it has a staff of over 2,700: over 1,600 teachers, professors-researchers and tutors. UNS is creating in Cannes a new teaching campus for audiovisual and creative production studies and aims at adding value to the teaching programs by creating a bound network of cultural and creative industries working in the PACA region.

Website: unice.fr


Ministry of State Innovation and Public Administration (ALBANIA)

The Ministry of State Innovation and Public Administration (MIAP), part of the Albanian government, is responsible for Innovation and ICT. MIAP has been the first institution to organize a Regional Cluster and a Living-Lab, characterized as PPP for a user driven open innovation.

Website: http://www.inovacioni.gov.al/